A fabulous story about the importance of recycling in which your child can be the star! 

A recipe told as a story, read it as a story or use it as a recipe, perfect for the wannabee Chef

Three friends go for a swim in the Australian ocean and meet a shark who needs help, can they help?

At Story Antics – we make it easy for you to create a personalised engaging story that children and parents love

Research shows that when the child is in the story, they are more engaged and learn more quickly. We want to educate your child through stories written for them and about them. Try it now – choose the story, choose the characters in the story and let us bring you a customised story experience everyone will love.

What Our Customers Say.....

My three-year-old is absolutely stoked to receive this book as he immediately recognises his name on the pages. But when he realises his best pals are BOTH characters in the same book, he is truly excited and starts smiling from ear and ear!
Boy reading Shark swim book
Story Antics brings the fun of storytelling to life. My son and I made a book together. We loved choosing each character and seeing our final creation. Imagination, creativity and literacy - a magical combination.