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Happy Readers


A variety of books for children aged 0-12 years that they will love!  Whether you are looking for a book on kindness, a space story or fairies we have it all here.

Passionate Authors


Buy from self-published authors around the world!  A self-published author is one who has written their book, edited, illustrated and printed it themselves, vs. published authors where a publishing house eg Penguin does it all (apart from writing)

Unique Storybooks


One-off books not seen elsewhere that will inspire, delight, thrill and calm!  When the authors publish their own work they tend to focus more on unique one off situations.

10 Classic Children’s Chapter Books

10 Classic Children’s Chapter Books

What are the magical ingredients contained in a classic children’s chapter book? Mix in a topic to which many kids can relate or an unusual, new idea to capture imaginations. Stir into a story that touches the heart. If the tale has withstood the test of time and stayed in print over the years, then it may very well be a classic! Although most of us are familiar with old favorites written in the 1800s, like Black Beauty, Swiss Family Robinson, and Heidi, here is a list of modern classic children’s chapter books to explore: Charlotte’s Web (E ...
10 Classic Children’s Picture Books

10 Classic Children’s Picture Books

What is a Classic Children’s Picture Book? What features often distinguish a picture book as a classic? Scholastic points to these factors: “…beautiful illustrations, age-appropriate storytelling, and lyrical language.” Jim Trelease, known for The Read-Aloud Handbook, states, “The great Columbia University professor Mark Van Doren once defined a ‘classic’ as any book that stays in print ...

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