Easy Breakfast in Bed!

If your kids are at the age when they want to bring you breakfast in bed, our raspberry breakfast balls will go down a treat with a cup of coffee! Plus for older children, say seven to ten, they can make them all on their own. Although we can’t guarantee the kitchen won’t be a mess!

The raspberry breakfast balls recipe is simple and yet delicious, they are gluten-free, nut-free and sugar-free. Pretty much perfect for breakfast in bed for anyone whatever age. This recipe is the work of food scientist Amy Whiteford from Healthy Little Foodies. She has cooked up this recipe and trialled it on kids and adults alike.

raspberries for breakfast in bed

Frozen raspberries work perfectly for these breakfast balls, making it really easy to have the ingredients on hand when needed!

What You Need for Breakfast in Bed

In terms of equipment, all you need is a blender or food processor or Nutri-bullet. So as long as you know the kids are safe with that then giddy-up breakfast is coming right up. With just five ingredients – raspberries, oats, sultanas, vanilla essence and coconut these balls are easy to mix up, and the kids love getting their hands dirty (well pink from the raspberries) making balls. I can’t guarantee that all the balls will make it to your bedside, but there really is nothing bad in these so if a few happen to fall into someone’s mouth while being made it is not the end of the world.

With all the ingredients really easily available in the supermarket, it makes this recipe even more of a winner (I can’t stand having to go to 5 stores for an ingredient). The raspberry breakfast balls could even be made the night before, so there really is no excuse for the kids to not make them and deliver them to your bedside. All you need to do next is to train them to wash the dishes and tidy up….

Head over to the Raspberry Breakfast Balls book page to personalise your book to read it online for free or to grab a printed copy!

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