Children’s First Cookbook

Children's first cookbook - Cooking with Story Antics

If you love cooking and baking, and want to get your children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews interested in cooking then you definitely need a children’s first cookbook. Our first cookbook is for a Banana Muffins recipe.

Why a Story Antics Children’s First Cookbook?

– Each book is a story and recipe in one
– Every step of the recipe is illustrated with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations
– Each recipe storybook is personalised with the child and adult helper, so the child really can be the Chef!
– The personalisation aspect means that the child is more engaged in the story, and therefore likely to learn better
– It helps children understand where food comes from through the illustrations
– It can be enjoyed at bedtime or during the day
– The book is the perfect size for little hands – 18cm x 18cm
– The illustrations mean that the child does not need to be able to read all the words to understand what to do next

Lily makes banana muffins book

The child gets to see their name written on and in the book giving them a real sense of ownership, it isn’t just a recipe book, it is “their” recipe book.

Although I say it can be a children’s first cookbook, it can also be used by older children, up to 10 years old depending on their cooking experience. Also consider it for adults with Downs Syndrome, who need an easy to follow recipe.

Traditionally recipes are just written lines of text, step 1, step 2 etc, there is a photo of the finished item, but as far as explanation or illustration along the way that is it. I want to change that, it is a children’s first cookbook, and needs to be for children, not for adults. Think about it, adult books don’t have pictures, but books for children do, so why wouldn’t their recipes also have pictures?

two girls reading the Banana Muffins recipe storybook

It seems strange that this hasn’t been addressed before, but from the feedback, we have been getting from our readers they are loving our new personalised recipe storybooks. We have a new range of 6 recipe storybooks on Kickstarter now visit the site to check them out.

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