Talking Custom Books for Kids at Demo Day

Last Thursday, November 7th, I was on stage at Sydney Town Hall for Antler demo day talking custom books for kids to over 900 people in the room, and over 1100 who were watching live online. Needless to say it was the biggest audience I have ever spoken to, and definitely the fanciest venue that I have spoken in.

Chatting to people

The event started with a bit of an expo where all the Antler funded companies had a stand to chat with the audience as they arrived. We had a lot of interested people come up to find out more about Story Antics, our books and of course how we got to where we did in such a short timeframe. A lot of people wanted to know more, and not just about us, but also about Antler, how we came up with the idea and more….

The journey from ideation to realisation has been a rather bumpy one to say the least. It has taken a lot of enthusiam, effort, grit and determination to get the business launched. The Story Antics concept is one that I really believe in, but launching a new business in such a short time frame is hectic!

Lara on stage

This is me on stage on the night, we had 3.5 minutes to deliver our “pitch”, the idea behind the whole evening was to find investors, advisors and customers for Story Antics custom books for kids. It was SHOW TIME! I am not joking when I say that I rehearsed my pitch about 300 times to memorise it. We practiced onstage on the day without the audience and it was nerve-racking, but not awful. However, on the night was rather more scary – 900 people in a dark room will do that! I did, however, get feedback from a lot of people that my pitch was the best out of the twelve. Why? Because I was authentic – actually I forgot a word and owned it! To watch my pitch check it out on the Story Antics YouTube channel.

After the pitches it was time to network with potential investors and get that well deserved glass of bubbles!

Did Demo Day Work?

Good question… Investors are interested, just need to wrestle the cash from their wallets now! A few people ordered a book on the night, which was awesome. Plus of course Story Antics got lots of publicity, and we are off to a great start. If you are reading this and are an investor please do get in touch – I promise that I don’t really wrestle the cash from you! I am looking for investors and advisors who want to join me on the personalised story journey – it’s going to be a long and winding one.

Now life is back to the day to day hecticness of building a business where the peak time of year for sales is Christmas, which reminds me – have you ordered your book yet? 🙂

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