Your Granny, Grandpa, Oma, Grandma, Pops + more can now join you in a book!

Grandma and grandchild reading together - customised for grandparents

I have noticed that a lot of people buying the new recipe storybooks are grandparents for their grandchild. With this in mind, the Raspberry Breakfast Balls and Cheesy Quinoa Crackers books are now customised for grandparents, in that you can choose grey as a hair colour! Unfortunately adding wrinkles is not something we are up to yet so any grandparents in the stories are going to be very glamourous!! But that is probably a plus for them….

I remember when I was probably about 6 I went to stay with my Granny for a few days, the one thing I really remember from the trip is that we baked, I can’t remember what but I do remember there were marshmallows involved. I remember being VERY surprised when my Granny ate a marshmallow out of the packet while we were cooking – I didn’t think that grown-ups did that! A lot of grandparents bake because they have the time, and it is a way of passing down recipes to the next generation as well as spending time together, after all they probably aren’t that handy on the Switch.

Grandpa with grey hair

The new grey hair look is not just for grandma’s, the male adult helper has also been customised for grandparents. Here are the very youthful looking grandpas that you can choose from for your adult helper.

What do you think of the new grey hair look? Do you think that it will make more grandparents want to feature in the stories? It’s an interesting experiment and if it is popular maybe we will mad and add white hair as an option!! Let me know your thoughts below…

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