Special Offer – This Week Only!!!

Banana Muffins special offer free kids apron

Exciting news for a Monday, we are giving away a FREE kids apron (usually $19.99) this week ONLY with EVERY personalised copy of our recipe storybook How to Make Banana Muffins.

Great Birthday Gift

If your child, child’s friend or grandchild loves cooking, this pack is the perfect gift for them. The How to Make Banana Muffins book can be customised with the child and adult helpers name, gender, hairstyle, hair, eye and skin colour. Put yourself as the adult helper in the story and make the child your niece, nephew, grandchild, son or daughter. Either way the child will love the book and apron pack and will be bugging you all day to make muffins with them!

This awesome book and free kids apron is good for children 6 and under with adults help, or for children aged 7 to 10 who are good readers they can make these delicious muffins on their own with a bit of help/supervision on the oven. Plus having their very own apron the kids will want to help in the kitchen and the next thing you know they will be making you dinner! (Note: we can’t promise that the apron will result in the child making you dinner….)

Free Kids Apron

Why are we giving out an apron with every Banana Muffins recipe storybook? You may be asking (my cofounder is asking that – why am I giving away the farm?) It all comes down to cooking. Having nieces and nephews myself I know how much they LOVE having their very own item for a specific occasion rather than using an adult one or making do. It’s a bit like as an adult when you buy new gym leggings you want to wear them and do all the time (even when not at the gym). I think it is important for our aprons to get out there in the world along with the new recipe storybook concept and for kids to get cooking.

So what are you waiting for? Time is ticking….. Get your order for a personalised How to Make Banana Muffins recipe storybook in before midnight on Sunday 9th February 2020 AEST! Aprons will automatically be added to your order, no coupon code needed!

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