Creating Unique Stories with Hand-Painted Illustrations

Hand-painted illustrations are paramount to fostering a sense of imagination in a child’s mind. Whether they can read or not, illustrations allow children to immerse themselves in the story through its vivid colours and images. Story Antics’ storybook, Shark Swim, incorporates hand-painted illustrations to amplify the adventurous experience of three best friends at the beach. Ultimately, creating unique stories with hand-painted illustrations are paramount to enhancing the experience of the reader.

Meet the Illustrator – Ari

Ari Lobos Story Antics hand-painted illustrations

Meet Ari, an intern from UTS who joined the Story Antics Team in August 2019. Since then, Ari has been busy illustrating the book, Shark Swim. Read on to find out more about Ari, or check out the video below!

Tell us about the book you are creating with Story Antics
The book I am doing with Story Antics is called Shark Swim. It is about three friends who go to the beach and encounter a Port Jackson Shark. At first, the friends are terrified but as the story goes along, they start to become friends with it. The story shows how they interact with the ocean. It is a colourful and expressive book that kids will love!

Where did your passion for illustration stem from?
Starting off, I always used to mimic comic book drawings and styles, as well as different animations. One thing that would determine whether I liked a book or movie, was its illustration styles.

What is your favourite part of creating a storybook?
The different ways you can make it exciting for kids is definitely fun. Yeah, it’s fun to think about how you can create something that is exciting to a child, where you can put yourself in the shoes of the child that is reading the book.

How important is drawing for young children?
I think it is so important. I think everyone has some creativity in them, even from an early age and even if you can’t draw. Everyone has this knack to draw and create, so yeah, I think it’s super important.

You can buy Ari’s storybook here.

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