Handwashing For Kids – Do We Have To?

handwashing for kids

I expect we have all seen a grub like my nephew in this photo, covered in sand/mud/food* (*delete as applicable). When you can see dirt on yours or a child’s hands you know that they definitely need a wash, but it is not always possible to see the dirt which is why handwashing for kids is such an important good habit to start young.

handwashing for kids when to do it

In our personalised handwashing storybook we have a list at the back of the book as to when you need to wash your hands, to help remind and use as a discussion with parents. In most of these incidences mentioned, you can’t actually see the germs on your hands. Demonstrating that just because hands don’t look dirty doesn’t mean that they don’t need a wash!

I love the video below on handwashing where the hands are covered in UV gel to show germs. When the owner washes their hands in just water, quickly with soap, bit longer with soap and then properly the video shows that the quick handwashing does not remove all the germs!

It is a shame that germs don’t glow UV all the time, it would make life MUCH easier in terms of keeping clean, but unfortunately, they don’t so we have to make sure that we wash our hands properly every time. We talk about germs where they come from and why handwashing is important in our handwashing story book and also include steps to follow to wash your hands right. You can download our free PDF of the handwashing for kids poster here. Print it out and put it up in the bathroom as a reminder every time you go to the sink.

In Australia, we are currently in winter when colds and flu are about, not to mention the coronavirus. In other parts of the world the coronavirus is still a huge threat, so where ever you are in the world handwashing is something that you need to be doing regularly.

I have to own up that I have been known to do the splash and dash handwash, particularly when it is cold and I don’t want to get wet, but let’s face it washing my hands for 20 seconds versa 10 or 5 seconds is not going to massively impact on my day. I don’t think that anyone can say “I don’t have time to wash my hands properly” especially when it could save your and/or someone else’s life!

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