5 Bonus Ways to Use The Recipe Storybooks

banana muffin book for home learning

Reading is not the only story activity that our recipe storybooks bring. Apart from reading the book here are 5 other home learning activities that you can do with your kids with a recipe storybook.

Recipe to Follow

Yep, once you have read the book as a story you can also get the ingredients together pop on your Story Antics apron and start baking, old school home learning style. Depending on the age of the child/ren they may need some help, but I know a few 9 year olds who have made these completely on their own!


This used to be something that my brother and I did regularly, basically, you both follow the same recipe, it doesn’t have to be siblings, it could be you and your neighbour. You do need to be close together enough that the “judge” can taste each version of the banana muffin. The judge looks for the best presentation, texture and taste in each muffin displayed and gives marks out of ten. You can also make your own scorecards for this one, and live stream the judging!

Maths Lesson

For older children ask them harder questions during or after baking to get them to use their maths skills – the weighing and measuring should be easy for them to do, this could be
How many banana’s do we need if we want to make double the number of muffins?
If we need to give 4 muffins to the neighbours, 3 to X, Y and Z get one each and have 8 left for us how many do we need to make?
If we want enough muffins for everyone to have one for lunch and tea for 3 days how many muffins shall we make?
All of these will stretch their brains a bit more while also helping them to understand that maths is actually an important skill in everyday life.

Experimenting with Flavours

home learning baking

The banana muffins can always have extra’s added to them, so in a kind of chemistry experiment style of home learning how about once all the ingredients are made you divide them into four bowls and flavour each one slightly differently. Encourage the children to be imaginative, like cocoa powder or m&ms or nuts or raspberries. You probably don’t want imagination to go as far as tuna, so you might want to keep an eye on it! Once three of the four bowls have that extra something, just bake them as normal and compare the tastes, maybe you will have created a new family favourite?

Still Life

You have probably heard or seen of students drawing a bowl of fruit or flowers for still life, but what about a muffin? Bake your muffins and before they all get eaten bring them to life with a work of art! Art as a home learning topic!

What do you think? Which one of these bonus activities will you do other than just reading the Banana Muffins book? Put your comments below..

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