Yummy Homemade Ice Cream

homemade ice cream

Have you ever wanted to make homemade ice cream and thought it was just too hard, well no longer! Story Antics and Healthy Little Foodies are here to save the day with a new personalised cookbook which explains how to make Banana Ice Cream.

I have made homemade ice cream from scratch and yes it does taste delicious, but it also is a bit of a faff if you don’t have an ice cream making machine – a lot of waiting and blending and waiting and mixing. Not ideal to do with children (or adults) who have little patience! When Amy from Healthy Little Foodies suggested that we include this ice cream in our personalised recipe series I thought fabulous, then oh no isn’t that going to be time consuming and hard to do? However, I made this ice cream and could not believe HOW DELICIOUS it is.

banana pieces ready to be frozen

For the banana ice cream, there is only one ingredient – bananas! Talk about easy. You can read and follow the recipe on the Banana Ice Cream page. You basically chop up the banana, freeze it and blend it! Here is my chopped banana before I put it into the freezer.

This banana ice cream can be made by children from one year old, I’d say. They don’t even need to be able to use a knife as they could easily break the banana into pieces (still getting hand-eye coordination practice) and put it on the tray. You can get them involved in making new flavours and create an ice cream shop. I know that my nephew and niece love playing ice cream shops! In the new book, there are four suggestions for flavour alternatives such as peanut butter mixed in. But the world is your oyster. I think that my next flavour might be melted dark chocolate and banana….mmmm imagine that.

A friend of mine tried this recipe, not really believing that it would be any good, he added coconut cream and dedicated coconut and was BLOWN away by how good it was.

Archie makes banana ice cream

You can also freeze the banana ice cream once it has been made so that it is ready for whenever you feel like a bit of healthy ice creamery goodness! Check out our latest banana ice cream personalised book here.

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