How to Wash Your Hands Properly

As I mentioned in my last post on handwashing, I don’t think that we all got taught how to wash our hands properly when growing up – it probably depended on your parents, as I am sure that Mums and Dads who are doctors or nurses were probably more efficient!

To help with that we have turned a page from our new Handwashing storybook into a how to wash your hands poster that you can print, laminate and stick up in the bathroom at home or work.

How to wash your hands properly

If you’d like to get a colour, printed and laminated copy of our poster sent to you in the mail pop over to the shop page and pay for postage and we will send it out to you. Otherwise, if you have a printer at home you can print out your poster from the how to wash your hands PDF here.

I hope that you find this useful and just having it stuck up reminds you to do all the steps rather than skipping some of them. If you know anyone who is particularly bad at washing their hands then feel free to share this with them so that they can improve their handwashing skills! It’s not just for kids you know, I am sure many adults need a bit of education on the topic! Just don’t forget while you wash your hands to sing a song so that it lasts for 20 seconds. There is actually a handwashing song playlist on Spotify which has the songs that have a 20 second chorus… If you want something a bit more kid friendly then check out the songs we mention in our storybook!

Let me know your favourite tune to sing while handwashing in the comments below….

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