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Diego's Discoveries, Book One: A Piece of Light The inspirational story of an adventurous young mouse who finds hope, healing, and friendship following a painful experience. Blue Paw Press has published the children's book by the talented author, an


Format: Hardcover; Dimensions: 6x9; 84pp.; ISBN 9781984587039


This picture book follows three little owlets, Olivia, Owen and Oakley, born in May of this past summer, and their growth from egg to fledgling. The owls became the hit of our neighborhood, with many observers, birdwatchers and neighbors flocking to


Oliver Poons and Orange Kitty are off on another adventure! They become sad when the weather suddenly turns gray, but the cats they meet in a nearby barn soon brighten their day. Oliver and Orange Kitty welcome new friends Henry, Toby, Cappy and Por


Oliver and Orange Kitty are at it again! Join them as they bring color back into Oliver’s dreamworld in this sweet and funny bedtime story. This is the second book in The Adventures of Oliver Poons series, which can be read and enjoyed in any orde


Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka by Lisa Anne Novelline, Art Direction & Cover by Ryan Jude Novelline, Illustrations by Phillip Light. Children’s Picture Book, Fantasy, Adventure (Ages 4-8). Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka (ages 4-8), the award-w


Winner of the Rubery 2019 Children's Book of the Year. The 2018 LITERARY CLASSICS BOOK AWARDS have recognized Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline; pictures by Nicola Hwang as the GOLD medal WINNER in TWO categories: BEST PICTUR


Has a fly ever bothered you? Would it keep coming back when you tried to wave it away? This family has the same problem. There is a pesky fly in their house driving everyone crazy. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen


It all starts in a village of Penguinia, where a little penguin called Chapik lives with his mom. On the morning of his birthday, Chapik finds a note from his mom telling him that she went to pick up his gift and will be back soon. Meanwhile a huge


An inspirational children's book that will motivate the youngest of hearts. Take your child on an adventure to find 3 magical miracles on a treasure map, and encourage their natural curiosity, offer them a message about love and kindness, and ignite


How aunt Sally Got Her Name is a heart-warming rhyming story about a tiny kitten, ten weeks old, who leaves her farmyard home, and sets out on an adventure that takes her to the annual fair, which is full of laughter, lights and lots of people. She


Enter the world of the Magic Folk. A world of Fairies, Elves, Witches, Warlocks, Gnomes, Trolls and much more... An enchanting world full of magic, both good and evil. Follow the adventures of four Aussie cousins as they find themselves thrust into


Aah! Blown Away, Crash! An Alphabet Misadventure * Received a Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Review * Illustrated by a 12-year-old homeschooled student Aah! A bird is blown away and crashes on a deserted island. Will he figure out how to get off the isla


Gather round this book and we’ll help you sort out your letters in this interactive adventure. Captain Scallywag has sailed his ship onto the shore of what he believes will be the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Except his crew isn’t having m


The book is told from the puppy's perspective & I called it 'Adventures' hoping to make it a little series, adding 5 or 6 more to come. From the reviews I've already gotten, children ages 3 to about 11 absolutely LOVE this book & once their


Format: Softcover; Dimensions: 6x9; 84pp.; ISBN 9781796091175; Target age: 6-10


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