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An exciting game of soccer with young Gavin and his friends. A fun book for young readers who play sports. Gavin and his friends go through a series of events that bring a big smile to anyone who has ever watched young children play soccer.


This book is about the strange new way of living during the Covid-19 pandemic. It reminds you of the importance of washing your hands and social distancing to help keep you safe from the germs. The book also hopefully encourages children to get crea


Book two is story of mystery, time-travel, and magic. Grundymere is still at large and seems determined to capture Meg. The elders of the Order believe it is to stop her from following in her grandmother’s footsteps and becoming the next Grand Lea


hen Meg Sealy woke up that fateful morning, she had no idea that by day's end the life that she had known would be gone forever... While saving her best friend Amanda, fourteen-year-old Meg and her older cousin Jaiden, stumble upon a secret valley w


When a lonely baby elephant at the zoo meets a common garden spider, it is instant friendship. There is only one problem for them in this easy-to-read picture book: what will they play together?


Pan and Samson are home safe after their battle against the Automation. But life is not normal, as they find evidence of a location known as the Vault of Souls. But what is this vault? And why does everyone want access to it? Pan and Samson must fin


Historyality is a glimpse into the differences that make us so unique, from the color of our skin to the holidays we celebrate. Join Renee and her friends as they learn and discover together!


Did you ever want to make a friend happy? That happened to Giraffe when he wanted to have a party for his friend Chimpanzee, but there’s one problem that’s stopping him. Where can he have the party? He asks his friends for ideas, but for one rea

$12.00 $9.50

When is a lighthouse not a lighthouse? Did Sam, Becky, and their friends cross the Cape Fear River just to get to the other side? In book two of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, what started as a summer vacation on North Carolina’s Oak I

$8.95 $9.95

Rain puzzles and puzzles reign, when friend and foe come round again. In the third and last book of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, Sam, Becky, and friends Troy, Andrew, and L.C. are doing their best to help the ghost of Stede Bonnet clai


Becky is the math whiz, but Sam is pretty sure he can count to four—or can he? In book one of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, Sam and Becky have visited a lot of lighthouses during their summer vacations (helping Mom and Dad write their


In book three of their Michigan Lighthouse adventure, Sam and Becky are sure they can help their new friend Tom Adams—well, pretty sure. After all, Tom is a ghost who has been dead for about 100 years. Sam and Becky and their mom and dad are visit


Sam and Becky were NOT thrilled about spending their summer visiting twenty-one Michigan lighthouses in only three weeks, but their Mom and Dad were writing a book about lighthouses and that's exactly what they were going to do. "It's going to be a

$7.95 $8.95

The SONG OF THE SEA is about a girl's adventures with a magical creature that helps her see herself, her recently deceased grandfather, and nature in a new way. Hailey is a young girl in a small coastal town, grieving the recent loss of "Pop." She a


Javon is a normal kid living a normal life when he becomes gifted with awesome superpowers through an unexpected twist of fate. These superpowers include the ability to conduct electricity and fly! Javon isn’t the only kid with new powers. The nei


Aye-Aye is an endangered lemur who loves pulling pranks on the villagers of Madagascar. He loves it when they squeal, but mostly he loves it when they huck their yummy meals at him. Until one day, they decide enough is enough and ban him from the vi


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