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3233 Apollo Bay,  VIC,  Australia
Nicola Philp is writer and teacher who lives in a tiny seaside town in southern Australia. She writes a regular column for The Age newspaper, teaches from K-12, keeps bees and raises her children on a diet of books, fresh air and art. She believes passionately in the importance of reading with children from birth and enjoys shared story time with her own children and the students she teaches, who often request certain accents (even if Dumbledore does sound suspiciously like Gandalf - there are only so many old man voices she can pull off!). If she's not dressed in a white beekeeping suit, she may instead be wearing a wetsuit and heading into the ocean for a quick paddle and swim, even when it's 10 degrees Celsius - glorious! Visit www.nicolaphilp.com for more information and news.
Nicola is a writer, author and teacher who loves sharing the joy of reading with young people and families.

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