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Imogen Taylor

2035 Sydney,  NSW,  Australia

In order for today’s children to grow up to become tomorrow’s good stewards of our planet, they need to know what’s at stake. How do you talk to children about the state of the environment without filling them with despair? How do you make children the champions of the natural world?

These are the thoughts that inspired me to create a series of children’s books that fill children with awe at the earth’s natural wonders, that empower them through planet-saving adventures, that “rewild” them by establishing a deep sense of identity with the natural world.

I regularly visit schools to talk to children about the environmental issues facing our planet and what we can all do to help fix it. As well, of course, to talk about writing and illustrating children's books.

20% of the profits from the sale of my books go to wildlife conservation charities that are supporting the animals that feature in the books.

I worked for several years as a lawyer for an international law firm and an environmental charity in London, before a move to the other side of the planet inspired a career change to finally create the children’s books I had imagined.
It also lead me to join the team behind the wildlife charity Animal Works International.

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