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Nick Watson

25177 Saint Albans,  West Virginia,  United States
Throughout my grade school years I was always sketching characters and making my own little comics and stories. Then my cool (thought I was at least) teen years happened, followed by the anxiety of adulthood...so drawing and writing were pretty non-existent for a long while. Then a few years ago my wife became pregnant and it sparked something inside me. I made several paintings for our son's nursery and just kept on going. I found any excuse to create, whether it was home projects, holiday gifts for family, or sketches for co-workers. In early 2017 I was offered a long-term illustration gig from a New England area tech company for which I have drawn over 130 employee cartoon portraits thus far, as well as several other illustrated commissions. I was recently accepted into the Tamarack 'Best of West Virginia' art system as a digital illustrator, where I have entered a handful of exhibits. I always have several projects going on, such as one completed independent children's book, ('A Nose & Some Clothes' - 2020) as well as three others I am in the process of writing and illustrating. It feels good to say that I am staying busy and finally doing what gives me a sense of accomplishment. They always say it's better late than never. What's humorous is that I had it figured out as a kid!
Independent Author/Illustrator www.customcartooncreations.com

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