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Satu McClenahan

2580 Goulburn,  NSW,  Australia
I'm an author-illustrator and a mum of 2 beautiful kids living in Australia. I moved here 11 years ago from Finland where I grew up. My book journey started 20 odd years ago when I really started to love drawing. I've been drawing pencil portraits for a long time now and later I also found myself enjoying creating illustrations both digitally and with colored pencils. One of my dreams has been becoming a children's book illustrator. Once I started to work towards this dream I wanted to give myself a project to practice the required skills. I just needed a story first. The story came when we were all hit with Covid pandemic, as I thought I could try to explain this strange situation to my little girl through a story book. So I wrote the story and created all the illustrations for it, and that is how I ended up with my very first children's book. I then came to realize it's now both drawing and writing that I'm in love it! My head is filled with book ideas so now it's just a matter of putting pen to paper...
Author-illustrator & a mum of 2 kids from Australia.

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