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Miriam Wei Wei Lo

6162 BEACONSFIELD,  Western Australia,  Australia
Miriam Wei Wei Lo grew up in a mixed-race family and has lived in Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Her weirdest paid job involved writing down shampoo ingredients. Her most challenging unpaid job was being a pastor's wife in a country town. After spending fifteen years at home with her kids she was completely astonished when an old friend called up and asked if she'd like to use that PhD in Creative Writing she had tucked in the filing cabinet. She is now thrilled to be teaching creative writing at Sheridan Institute. She is married with three teenagers and lives in a big noisy extended family household in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Miriam likes gentle adventures and long walks. If she takes a big leap, she always wants a pile of soft pillows to land on. She loves looking for native orchids with her daughter Em.

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