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I wrote these books because I have 9 children, 7 of which are in high school, and two grandchildren. I have used stories and personal accounts of my own past to try and show them the benefits of a having a strong moral compass. A compass that leads them to solve conflicts, love other people, and fight for the underdog in society. I have seen my children be the targets of racism, exclusion and bullying. I am of Irish descent and have an African-American daughter, three second generation Mexican descent children, two special needs daughters, and two adopted children who arrived through the foster care system. We have dealt with suicide, divorce, incarceration, addiction, and the the loss of a family member through mysterious circumstances. These events have molded our family into a loving unit that has had many a serious discussion about how to deal with major societal issues. The answer has always been LOVE. I found it necessary to, and important, to make fun and funny stories to help teach the children the strength of having a strong character that acts for love and justice. This is what this series of books is all about. My children's picture books are meant for elementary readers and reluctant middle age readers. First through third graders will enjoy having a parent read to them and 4th-6th graders will enjoy reading these books, along with reluctant middle age readers. Though there are accounts of grandmas reading this book to babies and one year olds! All three books are 26-28 pages with three topic questions at the end to engage the reader and start a discussion about their thoughts and personal morals. The illustrations are full color, whimsical and straight out funny. They deal with diversity, segregation, acceptance, ignorance and overcoming community challenges. It is the innocence of a child hero that leads the community in conflict to peaceful resolution. The third book, (Crazy Cats from Outer Space) to come out in November deals with another topic, not appreciating what you have until it is gone. The Jellies and The Crunchers is currently available. The Rounder and The Tallers will be available September 15. Crazy Cats from Outer Space is in illustration and available November 15. Hardback, softback and e-book are available.
I am the father of nine very diverse children from all races and walks of life. Elementary School and reluctant middle age readers are my focus. The illustrated stories are FUN and focus on social issues through stories with a MORAL, where a child is the hero and a lesson for the community is learned.

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