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Pottymouth Books LLC

07974 New Providence,  New Jersey,  United States
Ken Lefkowitz has had a varied corporate career overseeing Wall Street's most challenging projects while running assorted small family businesses. In his free time Ken provides voluntary strategy and operational coaching to small businesses and career coaching, and mentoring to individuals. Ken's inspiration has always been to help people improve themselves and the environment around them. Since Ken has done a lot of business and technical writing throughout his career, writing children's books provided a creative outlet to help return family values to his audience while sharing his humor at the same time. Ken spends a lot of time on family outings and takes every opportunity to go fishing.
Ken Lefkowitz lives in central New Jersey with his wife Tracy, daughter Katie, and their assorted furry friends. Katie's bedtime stories always include her best plush friends. When it was time to teach Katie about pottymouth language, her purple hippopotamus named Hippi was the perfect inspiration for Hippo Pottymouth. Katie's hysterical and uncontrollable laughter inspired this first book.

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