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93940 Monterey,  California,  United States
I have been a productive artist for many years and fortunately was able to exhibit my work in galleries. However, I also had a full time job and was raising three children. With retirement, I was able to really devote the time and effort I wanted to my artistic interests, which included writing and illustrating children's books. MY first effort was a translation of the Russian Fairy Tale, "The Fish and the Fisherman". This story was written in the early 1800's by A.S. Pushkin. His works in poetry are almost impossible to adequately translate, but this one does not rhyme, so was feasible. As a Russophile who studied the Russian language in high school and university, the idea of creating a bi-lingual English-Russian book for children, especially by one of the most revered Russian authors was irresistible. At the same time I was working on two other children's books which will be published this fall and early next year. Those are both stories that involved my children. One a story I made up for my oldest son and the other a story my daughter and I wrote about a little girl going to her first swim lesson. I will continue working on various books for children, with two more Russian translations in the future, as well as work on paintings and drawings that are not related to children's books.
I am an artist who has always been interested in children's books, as a child, as a mother and now as a grandmother. After teaching studio art and art history for over 30 years, I have spent my retirement doing the one job I always wanted, working on my own art in my studio.

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