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Jeanne Styczinski

54730 COLFAX,  Wisconsin,  United States
Jeanne Styczinski Author/Illustrator Growing up: I was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Our family moved out west so my Dad could find work as a heavy equipment operator. My Mom was able to stay at home. She had a very busy job taking care of my four sisters and I. We lived in many states to the west of Wisconsin, but California was where we landed the longest. Our family might be there still, but my grandfather retired from farming and my Dad decided to return to Wisconsin and take over the family farm. Wisconsin was and still is a little slower paced than California. In Wisconsin I learned how to sew, knit, do arts and crafts, cook, babysit, bale hay, milk cows, go antiquing and gardening, which are now many of the things I value and enjoy the most.

I graduated from High School in a small town of Lake Holcombe and then attend college at the University of Wisconsin Stout. I had numerous majors, many of them in the area of fine arts. I was interested in so many things! Graphic design was one of my true loves, but not confident in my design ability choose another passion, children and graduated with an Early Childhood Education degree. Around that time I meet my husband Gerry, my life partner for over 30 years. (Ok, so I am giving my age away a little bit.) We have 4 beautiful children that keep us smiling everyday. Here and Now: I currently live in Colfax, Wisconsin with my husband, our dog, 4 horses, and two barn cats. Our 4 beautiful children are grown and I am now in the empty nest chapter of my life. With a little more time on my hands, I have looked at my life and the things that I have accomplished. Of course, I have more things to do, which brings me to my book(s). I have always written books, but when our children graduated from high school and went on to further their education I wanted a way to help them with the growing price of tuition, so I came up with the idea that I would finish many of the books that I had written and publish them. It sounds crazy, but I just started and here I am!

Learning how to publish a children’s book has been a wonderful experience for me as I continue to learn about it everyday. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed making them. Thanks again for your support.

Jeanne has self-published 3 picture books, all have won a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (2014 Mama, How Does The Wind Start To Blow?,2015 Papa Why Does The Sun Shine? and 2017 Who Will Be My Friend?

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