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Anne Wan

* *,  Hampshire,  United Kingdom

Since discovering the joy of reading as a child under the duvet with a torch late into the night, I have always been passionate about books! I began writing stories for children in 2012 when my four-year-old son became unwell. As he was recovering, I suggested that I write a story idea which he had on the computer. Together we made the story into a book called Mr Long. Holding the finished product I thought, “I love this!” and have been writing ever since. I studied creative writing with Barbara Large MBE for two years before independently publishing the adventure series Secrets of the Snow Globe for 6-8 year-olds. I went on to publish my debut picture Manners Fit for the Queen. I have had the privilege to work with fantastic illustrators on both projects, Dawn Larder, and Sally Gooden.

The inspiration for my writing derives mainly from the daily antics of my three boys! They are full of energy, humor, and ideas and keep me on my toes. I enjoy creating exciting adventures, with a touch of fantasy and magic to ensure my readers are kept entertained and enthralled! I have a background in teaching and enjoy working with children in schools, libraries, and other group settings to encourage them as readers, to inspire them as writers, and to generate excitement about books. When I’m not writing or running workshops you can find me cycling through the English countryside, dancing with my husband in the kitchen, or horse riding!

I am passionate about writing exciting stories for children with a touch of magic!

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