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Hello and welcome to Story Antics.  We have had a bit of a change of direction if you are a past customer, but it is an exciting new adventure!  Our range of personalised storybooks are still all available here.

Lara Solomon founder of Story Antics This is me - Lara, with some of the first children's books I wrote.  My journey with Story Antics started in June 2019 when I   entered a tech startup incubator.  Out of that Story Antics launched in October 2019, in a crazy 11 weeks from idea to full website with six picture books?!?!  We had our first Christmas which was good, started to get up steam early this year with a new range of personalised recipe storybooks only for COVID19 to happen.

I believe, and know in the importance of reading for children (and adults), and when I was browsing through many of the Facebook writers groups I saw that a HUGE number of people are writing and self-publishing children's books.  It made me think that there are so many amazing books out there that never really get seen as often writers find it hard to promote their books. I wondered where readers can find these unique books, and are they all in one spot? It turns out there is no one place to find them all.

There are a lot of self-published children's books out there on hundreds of different topics.  I am sure that whatever it is you are looking for has been written, it is just very hard to find, think needle in a haystack!  So Story Antics v2 was born in August 2020 - a marketplace for self-published children's books.

Depending on when you are reading this we might have hundreds or thousands (or less) books on the site, the goal is to be the Etsy of children's books, helping authors get their books seen by the world and helping parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, educators and anyone else who is looking for a children's book to find a book that meets their needs.

I hope you enjoy browsing and shopping on Story Antics, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch and please tell all your friends!

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