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In the Middle of the Night

In the middle of the night when you should be in bed, did you just hear a noise? Or was it all in your head? There are things that go “Bump!" when the moon's shining bright, and sometimes things happen in middle of the night.. You don’t believe this tale is true? Just wait until it happens to you!! An engaging story of two brothers, imagination and monsters and the fun they have in the middle of the night. A delightful addition to any bedtime story bookshelf and the perfect size for little hands!

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In the Middle of the Night

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A rhyming picture book about two brothers who should be asleep but one of them turns into a monster... Uh oh.. Mom is awake!!! An engaging tale of imagination and monsters. A delightful addition to any bedtime story bookshelf! PAPERBACK / 42-Pages / Dimensions: 8" x 8"

Michael Arnold

Wenonah, United States

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