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Toby And Doby Go To School

Toby, Doby, Suzy, and I knew you’d come back for more. We are sure that you will enjoy, “Toby and Doby Go to School”, just as much as their first adventure. In this adventure, Suzy is very excited! She is off to Kindergarten and can’t wait to share the good news with her friends. At first, Toby and Doby are happy for their new friend, but as time goes by, they miss her and are very sad. In this story, we hope to teach children about how much fun school is, as well as what they can expect when they go to school. We hope to answer their biggest question: What is school?? Toby and Doby learn all about school thanks to their friend Suzy. She brings home new stories, and fun things to do, that she learns each day. We also hope to help the little ones left behind adjust, to the loneliness; they feel when their older siblings go off to school, leaving them behind. “Toby and Doby Go to School”, will hopefully make the adjustment to school, easier for both parents and children.

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Toby And Doby Go To School

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In this their second adventure, Suzy is off to Kindergarten. Toby and Doby miss her, so when Suzy gets home, she teaches them everything she has learned.

Susan Pennington

Cantonment, United States

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