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The Jellies and The Crunchers

The Jellies and the Crunchers is a tale of a town sharply divided by their own personal choice, in this case, what to eat and how to eat it! The two groups of town folk become more and more critical and angry with each other, which leads to a very crazy type of confrontation that will change the town forever. It takes the heart of a brave little girl to try something new and lead the town back together again. Come read about this quirky and interesting town and the even more interesting people groups that make it up.This book advocates something which makes life not only easier, but more flavorful. And that is an open mind. It illustrates the importance of being open to new things (and new people) through an example most young kids can identify with, picky eating. In particular being picky about something when you’ve never even tried it.

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Adventure stories
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The Jellies and The Crunchers

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Sale Price: $13.95 $15.00


5 Star reviewed, FUNNY, illustrated elementary and middle age picture book with 1600 words.


Boerne, United States

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