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Chapik’s Birthday Adventures

It all starts in a village of Penguinia, where a little penguin called Chapik lives with his mom. On the morning of his birthday, Chapik finds a note from his mom telling him that she went to pick up his gift and will be back soon. Meanwhile a huge blizzard started to form outside and his mom wasn't back yet. Chapik starts to worry and decides to venture out to find her. He is scared, cold, little and lonely but he still finds courage to look for his mom. During his quest, Chapik meets various characters (some are more helpful than others). He also learns that he is brave, determined and caring and always ready to help anyone he loves dearly.

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Chapik’s Birthday Adventures

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Chapik is a story about a baby penguin looking for his mother, which will take your child on an amazing adventure through a magical frozen land. The story takes place in a fictional land of "New Beringia". Along the way you will meet unique and relatable characters and learn fundamental human qualities such as courage, kindness, being respectful to others, honesty, and more.

Tatyana Joy

New York, United States

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