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A Posy Of Wild Flowers

A children's book of poetry by Eileen Moynihan about wild flowers and trees found in Ireland, with Irish names added. It is Illustrated with fabulous flower fairies painted by Angela Corkery. The magical cover is by Dan Flynn, photographed by Sally Martin. A book to treasure and keep.

55 pages. Size: 15.24 x 0.33 x 22.86 cm. Beautiful, original illustrations of flower fairies. Large type / Large print Edition. 'I enjoyed this book particularly because I love flowers! I will be doing some research on the wildflowers named in this book to see which ones will thrive in my area. The illustrations are enchanting—each one has a fairy in the midst of the wildflowers. Makes me want to have both wildflowers and fairies in my yard! The cover art is right in line with the rest of the book—restful colors and theme.'

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A Posy Of Wild Flowers

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A poetry book about wild flowers and trees

Childhood Books

Termonbarry, Ireland

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