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Gwen Gladstone: A Tale from the Town of Harmony

Ready to Believe in Magic? Since her mother's death, Gwen Gladstone's life has spiraled downwards. She's gone from popular girl to outcast and has been riddled with anxiety and depression. Her life takes a turn when her father marries a woman named Victoria Weatherly, and the three of them move into her home in Harmony, a small town in Northern California. It doesn't take Gwen long to discover that Victoria is no normal stepmother and the town of Harmony itself is just as mysterious and full of secrets as she is. But if Gwen can hold on, she'll learn that Harmony is a place where she can grow stronger and discover abilities she never knew she had, and she will need all the power she can muster, as she is forced to face an enemy that threatens to corrupt and consume her very soul.

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Gwen Gladstone: A Tale from the Town of Harmony

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Ready to Believe in Magic? Gwen Gladstone: A Tale from the Town of Harmony. An exciting companion to the award-winning Welcome in Harmony. The second book in the Horror in Harmony series.

Dan O'Mahony

Sun Lakes, United States

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