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Shy Ways

Sarah Templeton dreams of escaping a Tennessee town where the kids call her “slanty eyes” or ignore her because she is the only Japanese-American anyone has ever seen. She wishes she could defend herself the way her father does instead of crying like her Japanese mother. Sarah believes her parents will move back home after she hears rumors about unexplained accidents at the plant where her dad works. When a strange cloud of gas drifts out of the plant and toward the school everyone panics. Sarah’s mother panics at the sound of the alarm from the plant, mistaking it for an air raid siren. Sarah forgets her own troubles when her mom falls into a deep depression after the crisis is over. She understands her mother’s fears when she learns about the bomb that destroyed her mother’s home in Nagasaki. When Sarah’s mom recovers enough for a visit to Sarah’s school she is too paralyzed to move when she hears the fire alarm blaring. Sarah’s mother refuses to leave the school, leaving Sarah to find a way to wake her mother from the past.

312pgs, 5x8

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Shy Ways

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Shy Ways is the story of a Japanese-American girl facing racism when her family moves to the south in the 1970’s. She struggles to find a way to accept her Asian-American heritage.

Susan Griner

Woodinville, United States

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