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Windy Days Ahead: The Witch of Kensal Rise

The wind has been blowing wildly. Violent, strange storms in Manchester. No-one knows what is going on. Except the Witch of Kensal Rise, Mrs Theodora Rose Esmerelda Candice Beecham. She knows the Elemental world controls everything in the natural world. When the Elemental, the Westerly wind, Agatha starts to blow wildly around Rose. She heads to Hampstead Heath where Agatha and her sisters live. Rose encounters a plot to steal Elemental powers and finds her and grandson Percy's life at risk. Will Rose and her pretty average witchy powers be able to save the world from very windy days ahead? This is story for anyone who likes magic, a little mystery and a grandmother who saves the world.

Royals - princes, princesses, kings & queens
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Royals - princes, princesses, kings & queens
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Windy Days Ahead: The Witch of Kensal Rise

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Do you love magic and mystery? Meet Rose, The Witch of Kensal Rise as she and her grandson Percy uncover a plot to steal the powers of the elementals and take over the world. With a little help from two Echidnas and other magical creatures, join Rose and Percy as they try to save the world.

Melanie Louise Charles

London, United Kingdom

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