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Whispers of Trees

Whispering, dark trees in an ancient Irish forest rustle in the moonless night. Whispering always whispering. Declan’s wild, loud little brother is lost out there—somewhere—and a bent, gnarled old woman tells Declan that he must go into the forest . The woman's eyes haunt him. “You must find him,” she whispers. “And the trees will guide you.” Whispers of trees—a spine-tingling, page-turning thriller with hints of Irish myth that delivers a multicultural adventure. Review Whispers of Trees is a great story to encourage boys to read. The length of the book is easily manageable even for timid readers and there is a mystery to solve with a bit of suspense to keep them engaged. It does all of this while teaching important life lessons like not judging people by their appearance. The author also weaves some history and culture into the story. The events, although current, take place in an ancient forest in Ireland. Since it's set in our day, the little references to modern technology are sometimes humorous, because they almost sound out of place. I highly recommend Whispers of Trees for boys ages 9 - 11. Review by Christina Morley and posted on Amanda's Books and More

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Whispers of Trees

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An ancient forest, a dark night, a strange woman—and whispers.

Ben Woodard

Lexington, United States

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