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The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks

The POWEs series are beautiful children’s books for eco kids – those who love animals and care about the planet. In order for today's children to grow up to become tomorrow's good stewards of our planet, they need to know what's at stake.

How do you talk to children about the state of the environment without filling them with despair? How do you make children the champions of the natural world? You can help them by giving them children's books that fill them with awe at the earth's natural wonders, that can empower them through planet-saving adventures, that can "rewild" them by establishing a deep sense of identity with the natural world.

The POWEs (Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered) series of children's books centers around two children, who along with their friends, are on a mission to save endangered wildlife. The books feature a powerful message on the importance of conservation and making the world a safer place. With each book being set in a different country, children are whisked off on exciting adventures all around the world.

The books are not only fun, they teach children about the environment, about wildlife and how they can make a difference to their world.

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The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks

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The POWEs and The Disappearing Tusks is the first book in the series. . . In this exciting adventure, the POWEs help save the elephants and rhinos by coming up with an ingenious plan.
Full of brightly coloured illustrations, this is an educational and entertaining wildlife book for children about these majestic animals, the environment they live in and the people they live along side.
20% of the profits from the sale of this book goes directly to the wildlife charities that are working to protect rhinos and elephants (Tusk, the Lilayi Elephant Nursery and The Rhino Orphanage).

Imogen Taylor

Sydney, Australia

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