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Who's Got the Face?

Who's Got the Face? is the perfect rhyming bedtime or nap-time storybook for children up to 8 years old. The book is about a gentle, playful, and energetic family dog named Face who gets into silly mischief. The picture book is easy to read with colorful illustrations, designed by Doug's daughter Renée, follow the rhyming patterns and repetitive phrases. Early and beginner readers learn to read while having fun. Children will love the affectionate dog named Face who wags his tail, digs for bones, runs and chases in the house, plays hide and seek, sniffs, and steals food from the table. The book is highly interactive and immediately engages the reader. The dedication page includes the names of 99 dogs "who have the face". Children enjoy searching for the names of their own pet dog. The charming picture book is a great gift for newborns, babies, birthdays, and dog owners who love pets.

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Who's Got the Face?

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Who's Got the Face? is a rhyming children's picture book that follows a playful, energetic dog through his day. The book conveys the love between a dog and its family and is for young children.

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