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Cereal X-Treem:Fart Powered Flight

I, Janet Whitchurch, made this story up in order to keep my son entertained when he got impatient waiting for something, such as going back to swim after eating lunch or on long drives. I told it to him many times and also told it to his brother and sister. Over the years I thought about making it into a book and after some unsuccessful attempts have finally published it myself. The son, for whom it was created, is now 54 years old with two grown children of his own. I have told it to them and to my six other grandchildren. Children love to joke about farting and enjoy the fact that Kenny uses his farting to actually take off and fly. They are even enthusiastic about his adventure with a jealous witch who captures him so she can learn how he can fly without a broom. Poor Kenny got a bit more than he bargained for, but he managed to respond with cleverness and courage.

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Cereal X-Treem:Fart Powered Flight

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What could be more fun than to be able to fly....by means of farts! This story is about a boy who eats a new cereal he discovers in his kitchen cupboard and it makes him fart with enough strength to power flight. Kenny heads of for a couple days of big adventure: a witch, a capture, imprisonment in a castle, threats of torture and a heroic rescue. This is a modern-day fairy tale and adventure wrapped into one.


Monterey, United States

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