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Matthew and the True Tale of Easter

The story of the meaning of Easter passed down through the generations to Matthew the Mouse. Matthew describes the True Tale of Easter to his family. The baskets of candy and eggs were all fun. The true tale of Easter was really God's Son.

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Matthew and the True Tale of Easter

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Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon The Mouse and the Miracle Kindle Version Dear God Can I Talk To You? A delightful rhyming story of Jonah the prophet's eventful trip to Ninevah to tell the people God's message. "Matthew the Mouse" is a delightful story about a mouse who lives in a hole in the ground but the rain has forced him to look for another home. It is a humorous rhyming book about his adventures in his search for a new home. It is available at Amazon.com in both hard copy and digital. Published June 2017 Matthew the Mouse returns with the True Tale of Easter passed down by his father.

Michele Redmond & Alice Scott

ROME, NY 13440, United States

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