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The Pesky Fly

Has a fly ever bothered you? Would it keep coming back when you tried to wave it away? This family has the same problem. There is a pesky fly in their house driving everyone crazy. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen next? Where will the pesky fly appear? Follow along with the fly’s adventure. The Pesky Fly, with its repetitive text and humor, will almost certainly be one that young children will want to listen to over and over again. Kids will begin to repeat the refrain after only a few pages and will be able to read the book on their own in no time. The adorable illustrations help to tell the story and reflect how the characters feel about that pesky fly.

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The Pesky Fly

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A family has a pesky fly in the house. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen next? The pesky fly's adventure is told in rhyme and is perfect for reading aloud with young children or beginning readers.

Vance Durrington

Wilmington, United States

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