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Happy Readers


A variety of books for children aged 0-12 years that they will love!  Whether you are looking for a book on kindness, a space story or fairies we have it all here.

Passionate Authors


Buy from self-published authors around the world!  A self-published author is one who has written their book, edited, illustrated and printed it themselves, vs. published authors where a publishing house eg Penguin does it all (apart from writing)

Unique Storybooks


One-off books not seen elsewhere that will inspire, delight, thrill and calm!  When the authors publish their own work they tend to focus more on unique one off situations.

Why Reading for Pleasure is Important for All of Us

Why Reading for Pleasure is Important for All of Us

What is Reading for Pleasure? Reading for pleasure is also described as independent reading, self-selected reading or reading for fun or enjoyment depending on who you talk to! The goals for this type of reading includes relaxation, entertainment, and the satisfaction gained from reading subject matter of personal interest ...
When Should Kids Learn to Read?

When Should Kids Learn to Read?

Parents, teachers, and researchers struggle with the question of at what age children should become readers to ensure academic success. Let us look, first, at how youngsters crack the code of reading. How Do Children Become Readers? In general, the main reading instruction systems include whole language, phonics, and a hybrid approach ...
Children's book Ownership

Children's book Ownership

The National Literacy Trust in the UK recently released new research on children’s book ownership in the UK. I was very surprised to find that in a first world country such as the UK there are still children who don’t own a book. Having been brought up in a family of avid readers I can’t imagine not having books ...

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