New Recipe Storybook Series on Kickstarter

We have canceled our Kickstarter campaign, but you can still preorder here and get the Kickstarter deal!

Kickstarter recipe series

EXCITING NEWS!!!! Today our new campaign kicks off with the Kickstarter recipe series – a series of six personalised recipe storybooks for children 10 and under.

The Recipe Storybooks on Kickstarter

Books in the Kickstarter recipe series

I have chosen to use Kickstarter to sell pre-orders of the new recipe storybook series. There are six books in the series and as you can see we have taken things up a notch in terms of design vs our Banana Muffins recipe story… In every storybook the characters (the child and adult helper) can be personalised as follows….
– Gender
– Hairstyle (3 to choose from for male and female options)
– Hair colour – black, brown, red or blonde
– Skin colour – 4 colour options from fair to dark
– Eye colour – brown, blue, green or hazel
– Name – obviously!!!!

With a Kickstarter campaign there are pledges that backers make and once the $ target has been reached, in our case that is $10,000, the books will definitely be made, so we need everyone to get online and back the project straight away ๐Ÿ™‚ These are the pledges that you can get on the campaign. One storybook is where you can choose one of the six in the series and be one of the first to own that book. The whole series of six saves you $20 at $100 for all six or if you are a teacher or want to support a school or childcare you can buy the classroom pack which is 30 copies of one book so that the whole class can read and cook together.

Kickstarter book series rewards

The Kickstarter campaign kicks off TODAY and ends on April 9th. Jump online and preorder your books NOW and please share this with everyone you know wherever they live ๐Ÿ™‚

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