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Our crowdfunding for the new recipe series has stalled due to the Coronavirus situation. However, if we don’t meet our $10,000 target we don’t get any money. Please preorder your books here and we will close down the Kickstarter campaign so that you don’t get charged ๐Ÿ™‚

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A World First!  Personalised Recipe Storybooks

A recipe and a story in one aimed at children aged 10 and under.  The book can be read like a story or followed like a recipe, each page has full hand-drawn illustrations for each step.  The book is personalised because it has the name and look of the child (and adult helper) in the story, this could be Sarah and Mummy, or Liam and Daddy, or Sam and Granny etc.  You decide.

Reading is crucial for children throughout their early years, and by creating unique personalised books, we help children become engaged in reading so that they learn more effectively.

There are six books in the series.  Each recipe story is healthy (no added sugar) and has been developed by nutritionist Amy Whiteford from Healthy Little Foodies.

Put Yourself In the Story 

The characters can be customised by choosing the gender, name, hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and skin colour of the two story stars – the child and adult helper – it really is a book about you!  All customisation is done online and once customised the book is printed and sent to your door. 

The Rewards:

Why Buy Now?

We are hoping that the book series are going to be funded, in which case you can buy later, but if we can’t get $10,000 then we won’t be able to launch.  So please help me get this book series off the ground so that children everywhere can learn the joy of reading and cooking!

The inspiration for the personalised recipe stories came from my own passion for baking (I love making cakes, especially birthday cakes), the educational opportunities it brings the child and witnessing the excitement as kids interact with our books. Their imagination and passion for creativity and learning undoubtedly ignite when they see a unique book made for them.

About the Books

Each book is softcover with 28 full colour pages.  The cover is sturdy, printed from gloss 350gsm card and each internal page is printed on 200gsm paper.  This means the books will withstand handling over and over again – even in the kitchen.  Each recipe storybook is 18cm x 18cm in size perfect for little hands.

The 1st Book: Raspberry Breakfast Balls

Here are a couple of pages from inside the Raspberry Breakfast Balls recipe storybook…

About the Recipe Stories

Each recipe story uses both cups and grams, as well as celsius and fahrenheit for the cooking temperatures, making it easy to follow whether you are cooking in Australia, UK, USA or elsewhere!

Why Kickstarter?

We launched our first recipe storybook  – How to make Banana Muffins in February on our website and it has been really successful, in fact, it got such a good reaction that we wanted to make a series of books on the cooking theme. However, to develop each new book costs around $3,000 which as a new business we just don’t have, the idea of this Kickstarter campaign is that you are pre-ordering the books to help us fund the development of the storybook artwork for the whole series.

Review of Our First Recipe Storybook from Primary Teacher Mrs Sweet

I would love you to help us bring our stories to life so that we can inspire the next generation of chefs and instill the joy of cooking.

About Story Antics

Story Antics is the company behind the recipe storybooks.  We use digital personalisation to customise the storybook experience for children.  Based in Sydney, launched in October 2019 after completing the Antler program.  The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Lara Solomon, who has a track record of establishing successful businesses in the online space and Story Antics has gone from strength to strength since launching, with several financial backers and support from our community.

The vision behind Story Antics is to get children excited and engaged in learning through personalisation.

Why Story Antics?

The personalised recipe storybook team includes our talented illustrator Britney Hong, editor Katie Quirk and an external print house (who we have used previously) based in Australia.  All of whom are ready to go.  We have a website with all the storybook customisation technology set up.

For this recipe book series, we have partnered with Amy from Healthy Little Foodies – a Food Scientist and food blogger who has a track record of delivering healthy delicious recipes that children love.  She also has two children (aged 5 and 7) who taste-test every dish!

Risks and challenges

Once our Kickstarter campaign has finished we will start on the illustration of each book, each story has already been written. The goal is to have all six books illustrated by the end of August 2020. Once the artwork is completed the books need to be uploaded onto our website so that customers can go online to customise their book/s. The illustration and technology could potentially take longer due to unforeseen circumstances, but we have illustrated and uploaded eight books previously and have allowed in time for delays. The printer may have difficulties, but we have a backup option should our first choice of printer not be able to print for any reason. We have been through the process involved in creating the books, adding them to our site and getting them printed many times, therefore the risk involved in this project are minimal.