5 Kids Activities to Do with the Bin Chicken Recycling Storybook

kids activities - looking for old appliances

You may or may not know that ALL of our personalised storybooks can be read online FOR FREE as fun kids activities. Today I am going to focus specifically on our recycling storybook about the bin chicken.

Activity 1: Read the book

kids activities with bin chicken recycling book

You can go to the Bin Chicken book on our site and create your very own personalised copy to read online and/or order your own printed copy. The site is so simple to use that you can let the kids choose the character name and what they look like – the more involved they are the more excited they will be to be part of it. Once you have read the story with your child there are lots more kids activities that you can do around the home.

Activity 2: Find Electrical items that no longer work

This might be toasters, hairdryers, fridges, computers, printers or toy cars. Search around the house and garage for all your items and collect them up together. Once you have all the items together pop online to Recyclesmart.com to find out where you can take them to be recycled. It might be that some of the things can be used for spare parts. Take a photo of the things you think might be good for parts and pop them on Facebook marketplace as a free pickup, A good kids activity is getting them to take the photos for you.

Activity 3: Single-Use Plastics

It might be that you have plastic sandwich bags that you use for lunch boxes, or you buy bread or cakes in a plastic bag. What do you do with those plastic bags when they have been used? First, discuss with the kids as to why you actually use the bags – it may be that you can come up with another solution instead of buying bags to use. In terms of saving the planet you should first Refuse, then Reuse, then Recycle. Have a chat with them to see if there is anything else in the kitchen that you use that you could refuse or reuse. For single-use plastics to be recycled you need to take them to your nearest Redcycle bin at Coles or Woolies. Look on the Redcycle website for what they accept, get the children to make a poster that you can stick up above the bin to make sure everyone puts their soft plastics in a bag for recycling rather than in the bin.

Activity 4: Batteries

As in the Bin Chicken recycling storybook, you can recycle batteries at places such as your local Aldi supermarket. However, in my experience, the problem is knowing which batteries still have life and which are dead and need recycling. Chat to the children about how you can manage that, maybe it is a box for dead batteries or a bag that you put them in. The children can make the box or bag and label it so that everyone knows where the batteries for recycling go. You can also get them to make a sign and put it above the bin to remind them not to put batteries in the bin.

Activity 5: Favourite Animal

Depending on the age of the kids, you can recreate the scene in the Bin Chicken book where each child talks about their favourite animal. To do this they each need to draw a picture of their favourite animal and write three things that they like about it. To make this even more exciting why not film each presentation, this could then be sent to Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents etc who can’t be there for the event!

With just one storybook here are five kids activities that will keep them amused for hours…. If you try any of these please let me know what happened and/or share a video!

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