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free kids activity sheets

If your kids are off school due to the Coronavirus, or sick or it is school holidays, you are probably tearing your hair out looking for things for them to do. Well, we have that sorted with our kids activity sheets, aimed at children over 5 – but maybe younger depending on their ability level and how much you can help.

I love a good dot to dot, and know that lots of children are fans of them. They can be used as a fun way to stimulate active imaginations – what lies beneath the dots… Looking for a more educational use? Dot to dots practice math skills, practice counting the numbers in numerical order. Or just use them as colouring in sheets to practice hand-eye coordination trying to stay inside the lines.

We have seven different dot to dot free kids activity sheets for you to download, just click on the link to the PDF of the one that you (or your child) wants to do and once it has opened print it out at home.

How to Dot to Dot

Just in case you have never done a dot to dot here is how you fill them in….

  1. Find number 1 on the page, then with your pen draw a line from number 1 to number 2.
  2. Continue to draw lines from number to number always finding the next biggest number, eg 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc.
  3. When you have run out of numbers you should be able to see what the dots make
  4. Now you can take out your colouring pens or pencils and colour in the picture to make it look amazing
  5. Ta Dah! You now have an awesome picture which you can stick on the fridge, take a photo and email it to us, or pop on social media and tag us (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

To get all seven dot to dot activity sheets download the PDF here

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