Make Your Own Recipe book

make your own recipe book

If you have a child who loves cooking, why not make your own recipe storybook to give to friends and/or family and Christmas or birthdays? It is a great activity to keep them occupied and uses lots of educational skills.

How to Make Your Own Recipe Book

First, you and/or your child need to decide on a recipe, one that they have made before will work best, then they know what is involved and drawing related pictures is easier. If there isn’t a favourite recipe, that springs to mind then decide on what you’d like to make, eg muffins and google for a recipe that looks easy to follow. It is easiest if you make the item before you start on the book so that the child knows what is involved.

Once you both know what recipe you want to illustrate get some plain paper – enough so that you have 1 piece per recipe step and an extra for the cover. You might want to cut the paper into halves or quarters if it is A4 and looks a bit overwhelming! I found some old postcards at home which worked really well.

Depending on the age of the child you could write out the words for each step of the recipe on each page for them to draw a relevant picture for. With older children, they could write this themselves and even change the text so that it has them in it and is more of a story. Of course, if you want to get creative you can write a story for the recipe for the child to illustrate.

Once the drawing for each step of the recipe is done, you just need to create the cover of your book. The cover needs all the important information on it, such as the name of the recipe and of course the illustrator’s name!

Put Your Book Together

Your book is finished, you can use a stapler to hold the pages together, or sew them together with a needle and thread or if you want to get fancy take it to a printing place like Officeworks and get them to professionally bind it (I did this recently and it cost $2.40). The other option is to scan/photograph each page and get more copies of each page printed, so that the masterpiece your child has created can be given to lots of people!

If you end up making a book I’d love to see it, please post on our Facebook page with your creations.

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