The Best Educational Personalised Books in Australia are right here!

Obviously, I am slightly biased saying that the best educational personalised books in Australia are at Story Antics, but I do like to think that we are different. It isn’t just about the reading, but also the overall educational aspect of the book. My goal is to help children develop skills outside the classroom, which is why I launched the recipe cookbooks, the only personalised books in Australia that are about cooking. The plan is to extend this range to include other topics such as gardening.

Other personalised storybook companies focus on soft skills such as kindness, our stories bring those soft skills along with harder skills (not sure that is the right term, but you know what I mean) such as cooking into the books, which is why I think they are the best personalised books in Australia (if not the world!)

reading the recipe personalised books in Australia

This is one of my favourite photos, sent in by mum Katie. Her daughter Maddy, LOVES the Story Antics books, she is only 2 (going on 22 apparently). I originally gave her the banana muffins book, and after making them every week for 4 weeks her Mum bought her the next two books in the series, which you can see her studying here!

92% of Customers would Purchase Again

WOW, just wow…. This is an amazingly HUGE percentage of buyers saying that they would repurchase, this is another reason that Story Antics has the best personalised books in Australia! You guys have spoken.

Story Videos

Beetie helping in the Story Antics kitchen

Story Antics is also the only personalised book company that has a Galah called Beetie who takes part in the Story Antics kitchen cooking demos – bringing the books to life for readers of all ages. Watch Beetie in action on our YouTube channel, we are still perfecting our baking skills (and tv presenting skills), so they are still a little rough around the edges, but hopefully, they give you a giggle!

What do you think of the Story Antics books? Id love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions in the comments or drop me a line – Lara

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