Personalised Gifts for Kids – Guaranteed to be a Winner!

When I was growing up I would always see stands in shops with personalised gifts for kids such as, names on mugs, hats, notebooks etc, and there was NEVER a Lara. I still looked each time :). There is something about having your name on an object that just makes one feel great, whether you are two or 92!

personalised gifts for kids, such as a book are always a winner

I certainly don’t remember seeing personalised books when I was little, I was definitely never given one. However, they have been around in some form or another since the 1970s, as technology and printing have changed the price has come down and the customisation options have got fancier!

That leaves me to ask “Are kids today so much different from kids 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago?” Yes, the world has changed, but what we find interesting, funny, exciting and enjoyable hasn’t really changed so much – there is just more choice now.

Why Personalised Gifts for Kids?

This is why I still believe that personalised gifts for kids, such as a book are a fabulous present, that the kids
– Remember, even into adulthood
– Keep, yep, some adults even in their 50s have the book they were given when they were 5
– Marvel at, seeing your name (especially if it is an unusual one) in a book is still amazing
– Engage with, they are more likely to be interested in reading a story about them
– Learn from, because when we are little, it is all about us. If I am in the story I am going to remember it far better than a story I am not in!
– Love! Yep, I know from talking to customers that the kids love their books about them

You’ve Got Mail

The other thing that comes with a personalised gift, is the fact that it arrives in the mail. Despite online shopping becoming more and more popular, it is usually for boring stuff (from a kids viewpoint) such as clothes or food. A personalised storybook comes delivered to them – in an envelope with their name on it, inside wrapped in paper like a present. In this day and age writing letters has become a thing of the past, it tends to be email, unless at a birthday. Therefore, the excitement of a parcel arriving is a BIG occasion!

If you are looking for a gift for a child in your life, you cannot go wrong with a personalised book, you are not only giving a gift that the child will love, but also the adult! Parents are all about educating their child to get the best start in life, and research has shown that reading is a cornerstone in terms of development and success in later life!

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