Why Story Antics?

Christmas personalized story book

You may be looking at our site thinking, not another personalized story book company… how are these guys different? That is always the challenge when you launch a new business – standing out from the crowd, so in case it isn’t obvious I have spelt it out below so that you know why we are different!

Go Above and Beyond
We want you the book creator and reader to love your book/s. We want to know if there is a tricky part to creating your story, or if the options to choose from are not quite right for you. We want feedback and we want to be able to help you create the best story we can. This means that it is either Kellie or myself who you talk to when you need and we make sure that things happen.

Fabulous Stories
You might think, well yes, doesn’t every company claim they have fabulous stories? We know that whoever is reading the book will be asked to read it a zillion times if the child loves it, and that there is nothing worse that having to read a book you hate that many times. We have written our stories with the reader and the child in mind. Plus they are all tested on children and parents, we haven’t got up to the zillion mark yet in terms of reading them, but the children have requested them over and over…..

Quality Books
We know that books get trodden on, covered in lunch, squashed in a bag and more, we wanted to make our books good quality to withstand all the situations that they are going to face. For our personalized story books we have chosen 300gsm paper for the cover – that’s thick like card, and it is laminated which means it is less likely to tear. The inside pages are 200gsm which again is thick, making them hard to rip out and hard to tear.

Beautiful Wrapping
Every personalized story book you purchase from Story Antics comes wrapped in purple tissue paper, and comes with Story Antics stickers, a crown to cut out and wear – one that matches the book and a handwritten note. We want the unwrapping experience to start the reading journey to another place.

No one wants to wait for weeks and weeks for a book to arrive, so we promise to get your book to you in 2 weeks from when you order, if in the lead up to Christmas that means that we have to express post it to you we will at no extra cost. If we can do it faster we will.

Passionate Readers
Kellie is a Mum of two girls aged two and six, and I have three nieces and two nephews under 8 – let’s just say we have read a lot of stories! We have read the boring stories, the great stories and all the ones in between. We have also read other personalized story books, and wanted our stories to be quirky and unusual.

We want you to be able to create a truly personalized story book that the child will love, if you have any comments or suggestions please shout in the comments or drop us a line 🙂

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