Gift Voucher


Can’t decide which storybook to buy?  Get a gift voucher so they can choose and create their own book.

Each voucher is for one or more storybooks (depending on how many you bought) and is valid for three years from purchase.

Can’t decide which storybook you want? or which storybook the child you are buying for might like?

A Story Antics storybook gift voucher is the perfect solution.  You can buy a voucher for 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 1 million books!!!  Each voucher has a three year expiry on it, from the date you buy it – your lucky recipient has lots of time to use it.  With new books added regularly they will always be able to find the perfect storybook.

Once you have ordered your gift voucher we will get in touch to find out if you’d like a physical voucher sent in the mail or if an emailed one is better – sometimes it’s nicer to give someone a gift voucher that they can put on the fridge to remind them to use it.  Plus, we will send you a flyer about the storybooks available for personalisation so that they can get excited as soon as they open the voucher!  If you want a personal note with the voucher do let us know we can do that for you too!


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