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Shark swim personalised book
kids personalised story book
personalised shark book
personalised beach book
shark story book

Shark Swim

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A wonderful 36 page picture book with hand-drawn illustrations. “Three friends go for a swim in the Australian ocean and meet a shark who needs help, can they help?”

For children who love the ocean!  Free Shipping in Australia. From ordering books take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door in Australia, due to COVID outside Austalia it is taking more like 5-6 weeks 🙁

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Shark Swim is a wonderful 36 page A4 landscape colour picture book with amazing hand-drawn illustrations by Ari Lobos.  With thick pages, this softcover book will delight and surprize when you choose the names and look of the three adventurers in the story.

About Shark Swim: “Three friends go for a swim in the Australian ocean and meet a Port Jackson shark. They think that the shark wants to attack them, but it turns out that he just needs their help, can they help save him?”

This storybook written by Lara was inspired by her regular swim from Manly to Shelly beach (in Sydney) where she often sees Port Jackson sharks.  Fortunately or unfortunately this tale is a complete work of fiction other than the shark and the scene it is set in.  However, on Lara’s swims Port Jackson sharks are often observed, usually swimming along looking for food.  It is true however that Port Jackson sharks do not attack people, they do look rather scary, but are perfectly safe to swim with.

The Manly to Shelly swim is one done by a lot of people regularly and is full of marine life, and the fishes in the book are also those seen on the swim.  Learning to swim and enjoying the ocean is something that all children (and adults) should learn, hopefully, this story will inspire you to swim and get out to explore nature.

Watch and listen to Lara read this wonderful storybook aloud on our YouTube channel.

For children or adults who love the ocean!  The adventure could include three children or a combination of children and adults to make it into a story that includes the whole family, you just need to decide who is going to save the shark….

4 reviews for Shark Swim

  1. Sue

    Shark Swim is the perfect example of gift inspo! My three-year-old is absolutely stoked to receive this book. When he realised that his and his best pals names are all characters in the same book, he was truly excited and starts smiling from ear and ear! Shark Swim celebrates friendship and raises awareness of environmental consciousness. Just the right type of story for a curious child.

  2. Katie (verified owner)

    Shark Swim is both extremely engaging in its writing and captivating in its illustrations.

    My daughter loves the ocean and all creatures great and small so the fact that her personalised character and its friends were able to help a little shark absolutely delighted her.

  3. Siobhan

    I bought this as a gift for my nephew and he loves that the names are the names of his friends.

  4. Jade (verified owner)

    We received Shark Swim and from the moment the parcel was opened my girls could not get enough. To see there names in a book is memorable but to see all three sisters names in a book together was truly special to them all.
    Beautiful illustration inside.

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