Sweet potato brownies first pagessweet potato brownies are readyhoney is runnymixing up the brownies
Sweet potato brownies storybook
Sweet potato brownies first pages
sweet potato brownies are ready
honey is runny
mixing up the brownies

You Become the Chef: Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe Storybook

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Become a chef in your own personalised recipe storybook.  A recipe told as a story, where children use reading, maths and science skills to achieve a sense of accomplishment as they make their own delicious healthy brownies. For ages 2-10.

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Learn how to make Sweet Potato Brownies in this wonderful recipe storybook with hand-drawn illustrations.  Choose the gender, name and hair colour, skin colour, and eye colour of the main character and the adult helper.  This book can be read as a story, or used as a recipe to follow or both.  As you read the story learn about where milk and other ingredients come from with the help of an Aussie Koala!  

This recipe storybook is a great gift for children who love to cook, want to learn, or who you want to try new foods (especially those picky eaters)!  For younger children who can’t as yet read it is perfect to use as an activity to complete together with a parent/aunt/uncle/grandparent, and for older ones the simple language and illustrations make following the recipe alone really easy with great results.

This healthy sweet potato brownie recipe has been created by Amy from Healthy Little Foodies.  It is a great recipe for children and adults to make, there are a few ingredients, but the book explains how to make the brownies with simple language and great illustrations to follow along the way!  Educate your child or another on healthy eating and learning the basics of cooking.

This storybook has been recommended by kids, they love it!  Make it the perfect gift with the Story Antics apron for any child in your life.

Once you have bought the book and loved the brownies please send in your photos so we can see your creations, we’d also love to hear if you have any tips for variations on the recipe.

This book is 18cm x 18cm in size with thick 200gsm pages that can be wiped clean easily!!

1 review for You Become the Chef: Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe Storybook

  1. Tara (verified owner)

    I have been a fan of Amy from Healthy Little Foodies for a while, and when I saw that she had done these books I had to get one for my daughter. Since the book arrived we have had these brownies every week and they are so easy to make that even at 6 she can do most of it herself.

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